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The Hidden Factory is the set of activity (or activities) in the process that result in reduction of quality or efficiency of a business process or manufacturing department, and is not known to managers or others seeking to improve the process. Six Sigma focuses on identifying "hidden factory" activities to eliminate the root-causes.

One of the examples of Hidden Factory will be creating multiple versions of a status update presentation by the Project Management team because all of the requested information was not received by the due date from all the departments.

Six Sigma works effectively to identify the hidden factory situations, questions the status quo, removes it and thus it improves business profits and reduces wastes.


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By: Maiscron Engineering | June 26, 2018

This training is meant for: Project planners, Schedulers, Project managers, Project Engineers, Team members, Project officers, and all those involved in projects planning and execution. 

For companies, we could arrange this training at your facility to suite your staff busy schedule or you may wish to send your staff in our facility, whichever suites your business need. Contact us now

PRIMAVERA P6 Professional is a Project, resource and cost Management software that enables an organization make an informed decision and enhance their ability to deliver their project on time and on budget.
Microsoft Project is a project management software program, which is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to ta...

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you could turn your fantasies into business. what are you curious for? let's create your Information Based Websites for it.

1. Cooking Recipes Website

People find these websites helpful. Goodbye books, hello Internet.

2. Operating System Errors Solutions Website

Have you ever ran into a problem with your Mac or Windows? These kind of websites help a lot.

3. Reviewing and Comparing Products Website

Everyone wants to read about and compare the products they're about to purchase.

4. Movies and TV Shows Reviews and Ratings

Find out the latest movies and the best TV shows to watch. Find out what other people are thinking.

5. Niche Website or Blog

Pick a topic you are good at and start writing great content about it.

6. Products Prices

Ever wonder how ...

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Graphic Designing is the process of solving problems and communicating useful messages by creating suitable graphics. It involves making use of visual arts, typography and page layout. It is beneficial in areas such as banners, info graphics, manuals, branding, visual storytelling, etc. The sub fields of graphic designing in technology are user interface design and user experience design.

Joins us at Maiscron Engineering for practical and hands on training. you can call now 008064299998 or send E-mail to

Course Contents
Elements & Principles of Design
Introduction to CorelDraw Environment.
Coreldraw Workspace
Working with Texts
Special Effects
Adobe Photoshop Environment
Photo Manipulation and Retouching

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