By: Maiscron Engineering | November 24, 2018

Did you know that Python is the fastest growing programming language of 2018? This is no surprise to us. Because just as it's one of the most intuitive languages for beginners, it's equally beloved by experts in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Web Development. And once again, Python is the focus of our new courses released this week.

1. Python 3
Python has leveled up its capabilities with its latest release, Python 3 (a.k.a. "Python 3000"). And so have we. Our new Pro-exclusive Python 3 course will teach you the fundamentals of programming in Python 3, the latest and greatest version of Python.

Python 3 feels a lot like the Python that you may already know and love, but it's even cleaner and more readable. The new improvements fix confusing syntax issues that have plagued Python 2 for years. Now, Python 3 can even be used in powerful Python frameworks such as Django and TensorFlow. 

Throughout this new course, you'll build portfolio-worthy projects that can decipher coded communications, provide automated customer service, and much more! 
2. Minimax
Have you ever played a game of chess against a computer and lost? How is it possible to write a program that wins against the human who created it? In this Python-based course, you'll learn the minimax algorithm — a staple in the field of Artificial Intelligence. First, you'll create an unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe-playing AI. Then you'll challenge our team — see if you can write a Connect Four AI that can beat ours! Game on!


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