By: Maiscron Engineering | November 05, 2018

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By: Maiscron Engineering | August 23, 2018

You have a great concept. You've developed your business plan. Everything is set, except for one thing.
Funding Your Startup
There are several ways to fund a start-up that involve varying degrees of risk and effort. When choosing a path, it is important to know your options and evaluate which one is most suited to your needs and tolerance for risk.
To help you get started, here are eight possible sources of capital to fund a start-up business.

1. Fund It Yourself

Most start-ups, at least in the beginning, are self-financed. This may involve using your savings, borrowing against a retirement account, or taking out a home-equity loan. This is a good thing if your venture succeeds, as you retain all of the ownership. But if things don't go so well,...