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Oil & Gas Services

we are major player i n the Oil & Gas downstream sector. from engineering to procurement and construction, to environmental services.

We aim to maintain our commercial competitiveness, consolidate our position in a maturing region and step up our expansion in a growing market. We continuously adapt our high-profile, assertive product and services through innovation and a clear understanding of the specific needs of our broad array of customers, who include consumers, industrial organizations and manufacturing industries

We serve leading national and international oil companies with oilfield services, offering solutions across the entire oil and gas value chain. We can assist our clients to develop strategies to manage risk, optimize their operations, and improve performance by offering tailored solutions that will meet all their requirements

Environmental Services

Maiscron Engineering is a specialist provider of a range of environmental services. Our knowledge and experience in sectors ranging from Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Hospitality is the essential expertise we bring to our customers. This experience and competence coupled with our customer focused approach and commitment to excellent communication and quality sets Maiscron Engineering apart within the industry.
Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment
•Air Quality Assessments
•Dispersion Modelling Assessments
•Odour Assessments
•UKAS and MCERTS Accredited Stack Emissions Testing
•Ambient Pollution Monitoring
•DMRB, D1 and H1 Screening Assessments

Waste and Contamination Land Services
•Geotechnical Investigation and Assessment
•Contaminated Land Investigation and Assessment
•Waste Management
•Groundwater Testing
•Environmental Impact Assessment
•Flood Risk Assessment

Environmental Management and Permitting
•Divestment and Decommissioning Services
•Environmental Management Systems
•CDM Co-ordinator
•Environmental Permit Applications
•Legal Compliance Audits
Noise and Vibration Assessment
•Environmental Noise Surveys
•Noise Impact Assessments
•Occupational Noise at Work Surveys
•Noise Mitigation Strategies

Environmental Claims Management (ECM)

Maiscron Engineering offers a complete ECM service. This includes control and clean-up, offering a full consultancy and remediation contractor service. We can manage the entire project from the initial site visit and preliminary investigations, through the detailed site investigation & excavation stages, to site remediation and re-instatement.
We provide a chain of custody of all the relevant documentation and monitoring results and will liaise with the householder and insurance company/loss adjuster through the process. 
A typical project would consist of the following:
•Estimate of quantity of release and time frame of oil spill
•Identification of on-site and any off site impacts including potential receptors both on and off site
•Treatment technologies explored to remediate the impacted soils
•Comments from structural engineer regarding removal of impacted  soils beneath footings or foundations (if required)
•Identification of groundwater flow regimes
•Details of proposed remediation strategy including estimated volume of contaminated soil to be treated Trial pit and borehole logs
•Management of excavations/ remediation strategies deployed on site
•Information on additional works such as engineering works to buildings/foundations (if required)
•Liaise with house owner insurance company +/or loss adjuster
•Provide chain of custody of contaminated material removed off-site
•Laboratory verification analysis results
•Pictorial Evidence of works carried out


MAISCRON ENGINEERING believe the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and good corporate citizenship are key to our success. Our CSR stance focuses on four key areas: Client and marketplaceworkplaceenvironment and community.


Client and Marketplace

MAISCRON ENGINEERING aims to be the adviser of choice in all our specialist areas. Our staff are expected to undertake jobs with due and competent skill, care and diligence. MAISCRON ENGINEERING ensures that proper and adequate corporate governance is in place, with assistance from the legal, compliance and finance teams who operate within the corporate governance framework.



Our people underpin the value of our organization. We are committed to treating all staff with fairness, respect and integrity and providing them with a healthy and safe working environmentMAISCRON ENGINEERING also offers a comprehensive benefits package to attract, maintain and motivate high caliber staff and enhance their skills and competence through in house and outsourced training programs.



All our project operations have an impact on the environment and we have a clear responsibility to manage this impact as effectively as possible. MAISCRON ENGINEERING is committed to measuring and evaluating the amount of natural resources used in the day to day operation of our business. MAISCRON ENGINEERING aims to only use suppliers who demonstrate they are responding to the global environment and social concerns, through their commitment to actively engage in CSR.



It is key to the future success of MAISCRON ENGINEERING that we take our responsibilities to the wider community seriously as the health and prosperity of the local community can have a direct effect on our operation. Each year MAISCRON ENGINEERING puts aside a share of business profits for distribution to nominated charities and community development projects.  We welcome employee driven initiatives to volunteer their energy, time and skills in the community and in turn impacting a wealth of skills to the host community.



Our HSEMS drives everything we do. Over the years MAISCRON ENGINEERING has built a culture of safety and environmental stewardship.

MAISCRON ENGINEERING is committed to helping its employees and contractors remain safe and healthy. All work carries risks. However, we identify and manage our risks by using our HSE Management System (HSEMS) and enhancing our technology, tools and competency at all levels. We set stringent safety policies, consistently train our workforce, and give them the authority and responsibility to stop work if they believe conditions are unsafe. We also are a leader in providing health awareness and education programs to our employees, dependents and residents of the communities where we operate. Our HSEMS drives everything we do. Over the years MAISCRON ENGINEERING has built a culture of safety and environmental stewardship

MAISCRON ENGINEERING are dedicated to supplying high quality products and services, which continue to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers. Our Quality Policy is reviewed at Management level to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness, and to ensure it remains appropriate to the purpose, scale, nature and impact of the company’s activities. Our Quality Management System satisfies all the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Our organisations commitment is compliant with all national statutory legislation and considers all regulatory, legal and other relevant obligations related to the industry we operate in. This is evidenced by documented procedures and objectives, this is maintained by our Internal Audits and annual Management Reviews

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