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Six Sigma Certifications Trainining

Six Sigma is a defined and disciplined business methodology to increase customer satisfaction and profitability by streamlining operations, improving quality and eliminating defects in every organization-wide process.

The six-level program has been designed for different levels in your organization. At the end of the training, participants will undergo certification exam by international six sigma institute and be awarded the relevant degree as outlined below.
Certified Six Sigma Champion™, Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt™, Certified Six Sigma Deployment Leader™, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt™, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt™ and Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt™

Using Six Sigma Methodology, a business can strategize its plan of action and drive revenue increase, cost reduction and process improvements in all parts of the organization.
Six Sigma Methodology helps the Senior Management create a vision to provide defect free, positive environment to the organization.
Six Sigma Methodology helps in improving process metrics. Once the improved process metrics achieve stability; we can use Six Sigma methodology again to improve the newly stabilized process metrics.
Using Six Sigma methodology, organizations can keep a stringent goal for themselves and work towards achieving them during the course of the year. Right use of the methodology often leads these organizations to achieve these goals.
Six Sigma is the only methodology available in the market today which is a documented methodology for problem solving. If used in the right manner, Six Sigma improvements are bullet-proof and they give high yielding returns.

Challenge Yourself to Get an Official and Recognized Six Sigma Certification. Build New Skills and Increase Your Know how!


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